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ViCaDiS is open. We would like to invite others to join the group.

We now invite also other colleges and universities to be part of ViCaDiS especially in two areas: virtual mobilities (students from different universities learning to doing projects together in same academic area) and in sharing experiences in ERASMUS mobilties.

Are you a university administrator interested in opening up new areas for your teachers and students?

Are you a teacher who wants to work online internationally, or to experiment with virtual mobilities for your students? Do you want to improve your teaching by implementing social networking as an instructional method?

Are you a student who wants to learn, socialise and find information from other colleagues from EU countries?

Are you an SME interested in working with universities across the EU in innovative eLearning and mLearning experiments?

Then join us at ViCaDiS! www.vicadis.net

See how in ViCaDiS Set of Guidelines.

International projects in Multimedia, English, E-learning for the autumn of 2010 - join us!



Digital students 'think differently' - they need a 'different campus'

The ViCaDiS (Virtual Campus for Digital Students) EU Life LongLearning Erasmus Virtual Campus Project supports the development of an innovative virtual campus for digital students. Digital students are defined here as young adult students who have grown up with an everyday use of technology and who are accustomed to using technology.

ViCaDiS aims at providing open educational resources and tools available and accessible for all students and to ensure the interoperability between the different eLearning environments used in the partner universities. An innovative multilingual ICT-based environment unique in Europe (as an international virtual campus), it will incorporate several open educational resources (library, glossary, external links, student projects, course activities), open educational tools (wiki, blog, forum, calendar, podcasting, instant messaging communication, audio-video conferencing over IP, RSS, mobile text messaging, mobile accessibility to ViCaDiS) and will promote social networking as an instructional method.

It is a project initiated by the Multimedia Centre & Regional Distance Education Centre - CSID of the "Politehnica" University of Timisoara, Romania, for the period 2007 - 2009.

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