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Management meeting in Palermo, Italy, 22 - 25 May 2008


  • Radu Vasiu, Diana Andone (P1);
  • Rodan Di Maria, Manuela Campo (P2);
  • Rutkauskiene Danguole, Vilma Karobliene, Daina Gudoniene (P3);
  • Robert Fekete (P4);
  • Lauri Kurkela, Seppo Porho (P5);
  • Lyn Pemberton (P6);
  • Marco Sajeva, Luigi Maniscalco, Rosanna Butera (P7);
  • Tibor Dori (P8).


  • Management meeting: Project status, Overview of the ViCaDiS objectives, aims and general results;
  • Feedback of co-ordinators meeting Bruxelles and of Interim report;
  • Technical development ViCaDiS, Dissemination & Valorisation & Exploitation Plan;
  • The quality and evaluation plan,
  • Financial issues
  • Multiplication with other students and tutors of UNIPA

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