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All partners are actively involved in running the project activities that are according to the planned workpackages.


International projects in Multimedia, English, E-learning for the autumn of 2010

Starting with October 2010 "Politehnica" University of Timisoara is looking for universities and professors to join the ViCaDiS Campus for joint academic projects as virtual mobilities. The subjects are:

  • Multimedia Technologies - the main activity will be to create small international groups of students which will work online to produce a multimedia application - time frame: October - December 2010. The UPT students are 4th year of study in Multimedia and Bentley University students are 2nd year undergraduates in CS. See TalkTech.

ViCaDiS is a virtual campus for digital students that provides open educational resources and tools available and accessible to all students. The environment can be used by students to learn and work together in structured projects, or simply to find information on subjects of interest.

ViCaDiS is open and free to all students and teachers within the EU and currently includes the following groups:

  • universities (six universities from Romania, Finland, Italy, UK, Lithuania and Hungary)
  • courses (any student or teacher can join and contribute)
  • subjects (Erasmus mobilities, ICT, Web 2.0, programming, research, social media & nonprofits)
  • interests (countries, cities)
  • life (sport, culture).
ViCaDiS development is based on a Moodle infrastructure - www.vicadis.net/campus

Piloting and Evaluation

The ViCaDiS Campus idea and methodologies were piloted and evaluated in different pedagogical settings:

  • Inter-university cooperation, where Social Media plays an essential Role (TalkTech'09 - Multimedia Technologies)
  • Educational use of Social media inside one course (Technical English, Multimedia Technologies, eLearning, Technical Placement, Sustainable Development, Learning Automation Technology, Summer practice)
  • Virtual Mobilities (technical and learning) (International Student Mobility Co-operation, ERASMUS).

ViCadis Campus

ViCaDiS is now an interoperable environment (www.vicadis.net/campus) which provides a common access and a one-stop place for all the students and professors. It features adaptable and social software which are made freely available for all the users. ViCaDiS is an open education resource and tool used openly and freely at European Level by all the partners and open for use by other universities at the end of the project. The students are able to access ViCaDiS free-of-charge just by proof of their student status.

ViCaDiS is in essence a ‘ community', a virtual campus that contains a blend of Internet and mobile technologies to enhance the student-tutor communication, the quick response of the environment to the student needs (by setting up his own settings and accessing information using this system, transfer learning objects to the mobile) and the environment's flexibility (by using learning objects beside the traditional text, images and animations: blogs, podcasting, wikis). It is based on dual-device architecture: Internet and mobile phone, and features two interfaces: one for the online access (in conformity with the W3C and WCAG regulations for accessibility) and one for the mobile phone.


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