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ViCaDiS ZEF questionnaire about the mobile tools development

We are inviting you to evaluate the potential of mobile technology for eLearning and blended learning. The Questionnaire is open from 25th January to mid February 2008.

Mobile technology is described at http://www.oamk.fi/~laurik/mLearning/. Use this information source together with the questionnaire. When the questionnaire is closed the results will be available at the same address.

Start answering the questionnaire by clicking the following internet link or by copying the link on your web browser http://kysy.oamk.fi/zef/user/?q=2069-485426da

The results are available on a blog at http://mobilevicadis.wordpress.com/

ViCaDiS blog

The blog with activities information is at http://mobilevicadis.wordpress.com/

ViCaDiS Facebook

You can see us and join the group in the virtual world at Facebook



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