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ViCaDiS is a international co-operation project involving Universities and professional companies working in the field of eLearning. The ViCaDiS Project is based on intensive cooperation of project partners. Every work package has a leading partner and all partners participate in all the work packages.

The broad partnership - geographically and institutional - led o large diversity in opinions and experienced to be shared. Each partner had its own role in the project and brought their own values to the success of the project. It is worth mentioning that the multi-cultural aspect was taken into consideration also during the activities - in piloting the courses and the Campus, in the evaluation as well as in developing the pedagogical patterns.

Synergy with other projects

Locally OUAS is cooperating in the ViCaDiS Project with two other projects:

  • VIRPE is a cooperation project of Finnish Schools of Vocational Teacher Education in the area of Educational Use of Social Web.
  • MoreVM Project is a virtual mobility related project http://morevm.org/about

A strong synergy exists with the EU LLL Cross-border Virtual Entreprenuership led by EADTU http://www.eadtu.nl/cbve/ done by University of Miskolc. A seminar in may 2009 in Leuven was organised by EADTU where also ViCaDiS project was invited to be presented.


In the ViCaDiS project there are 10 partners coming from universities and SMEs from Romania, England, Finland, Italy, Hungary and Lithuania.


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