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Aims of the project:

  • To overview and implement emerging tools and technology commonly referred to as "social software" that can create personal as opposed to institutional learning environments, as well as the mobile learning tools
  • To support practitioners in becoming aware of the new features of the digital students, to learn to effectively use and develop resources with new digital technologies and new communication tools in ways that are aligned with what they want to achieve educationally.

  • To provide the organisational and technical framework for the development of an interoperable virtual campus
  • To make available a virtual campus based on Open Educational Resources which will offer a free, open personal learning environment
  • To improve the quality of education in eLearning by international co-operation and by new methodological approach to learning. The project intends to develop an interoperable virtual campus, not a new one to replace the existing ones used in the universities, and to provide a new methodology based on modern techniques of education such as open sources, adaptability and interactive learning.
  • To evaluate, test and transfer the ICT tools, pedagogical methodology and the Set of Guidelines to other education and training areas and throughout Europe.

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