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As the university partners in the project are using different eLearning environments for the distance education or blended learning which is either open source (Moodle), large LMS software (Blackboard) to be able to provide the previously desired tools to their students they need to be able to create an interoperable environment which will bring all of them in one single place. Some of them are using social software to improve the education level of students and to create an integrated online ‘community'. The project main target is to build a virtual campus which will encompass the partners' experience on using or developing these eLearning environments and will provide a unique set of OER desired by the digital students. The OER will be mainly concentrating on tools which will allow a user-content driven environment where students will change from being simple users into content providers. The content will be subject and interest based and will be mainly in conjunction with their curricula but will supplement rather than replace the normal curricula.


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