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The evaluation of the ViCaDiS environment against students' learning attributes and general user satisfaction was done using the ZEF method (www.zef.fi) which grows from creative strategic thinking in a web-based environment.

In ViCaDIS piloting, wiki, blogs and chat/forums were used extensively for fulfilling specific academic tasks. The Wiki, OU Blog and Chat/Forums were seen as the most important ViCaDiS features for users. It was also clear that students preferred blogs and chats for communicating their thoughts and reflections while working in groups on similar tasks. ViCaDiS is particularly good at facilitating international communication between students, as in some piloting cases students worked internationally towards fulfilling the same tasks. This allowed them to get to know each other better and to interact in ways which were less common in normal university settings.

The end of the evaluation allowed us to elaborate the pedagogical settings of the ViCaDiS pilot courses, the pedagogical patterns to use web 2.0 tools in academic education, and a guide on how to use ViCaDiS.

All the results are included in the Multilingual Set of Guidelines which is on book, DVD and online at www.vicadis.net/set.

  1. I found using the ViCaDiS Wiki beneficial
  2. I found using the ViCaDiS Blog or OU Blog beneficial
  3. I found using the ViCaDiS Chat beneficial
  4. I found using the ViCaDiS Flash Cards beneficial
  5. I found using the ViCaDiS Video aula beneficial
  6. I found using the mobile aspect of ViCaDiS beneficial


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