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Ci sono molti risultati legati al progetto, che sono raggiunti passo dopo passo da tutti i partner coinvolti nel progetto stesso.


Promotional materials


ViCaDiS Questionnaire

Results, on the Summary of the Post-Piloting and on the DVD Multilingual Set of Guidelines.


Report on Digital Students and Digital Tutor

The Report on Digital Students and Digital Tutor was done as a result of several online questionnaires and is printed and on DVD2 (questionnaires in EN,FI, HU, IT; elearning styles report, mlearning tools questionnaire http://www.oamk.fi/~laurik/mLearning/ http://www.oamk.fi/~laurik/mLearning/results/SubGroup/Results%20by%20Groups.html, http://www.vicadis.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=category&layout=blog&id=5&Itemid=21&lang=en).

The final evaluation is published here: http://kysy.oamk.fi/zef7/reports/160c019d1a3e132a54f0f7ee8ba923e6/

Multilingual Set of Guidelines on book, DVD and online at www.vicadis.net/set with results, evaluation, reports, pedagogical settings and patterns, ViCaDiS demos, and Guide for Teacher and Tutor and Guide for University Administrators.


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